Shine India FM-CG Store

We have a strong market base with 10 thousand direct customers in each panchayat level on weekly basis. And we are likely to serve them through our stores of FMCG products.

We have categorized each state of India in four zones East, West, North and South. We have engaged Zonal head to decide suitable land location for construction of SHINE INDIA DEPARTMENTAL STORE in their Blocks as well as Panchayat as per the standard specifications. Every district has 2 (two) no’s of SHINE INDIA CENTRAL STORE for Godown purpose.

Our SHINE INDIA CENTRAL STORE’s functional area must be within 80 Dismil area including parking and operational shade, as per the specified engineer plan & project provided to us.

The cost of the stores and construction works is decided by the management of our Company.Our SHINE INDIA DEPARTMENTAL STORES ( FMCG) involves four stages of delivery system i.e :-

  1. customer demand and local collection.
  2. local procurement to our stores.
  3. State wise collection to our stores.
  4. Branded and sustainable goods at a affordable price.

Product wise  we will deliver our products  as pocketed,  processed, frozen and liquid based to our customers to grab their satisfaction and upheld the market values regarding our delivery system. Our main motto to receive customers reflection and leading our brand in the market by our well trained employees and  there support , as a result we will reach 10 millions of customers  to visit our stores  within a week in ALL STATES OF INDIA. Our company is now ensuring itself in all types of  food items as well as cosmetics items initially. After reaching the heart of our customers we will move to fashion world and later on to the dreaming world to give utmost satisfaction to our customers all over India as a specific brand  ( as per  our customers certificate ) .