Our Management

About Us

The idea to open the SHINE INDIA GOODS AND INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED is to provide wide range of FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) products to our customers all over INDIA, in each and every hamlets at their door steps .

We are initially going to construct and open our outlets (SHINE INDIA DEPARTMENTAL STORE) in every Grampanchayat , and we construct our central store room named as SHINE INDIA CENTRAL STORE in every district headquarters.

We market our FMCG brands above par of our competitors in terms of costing, quality and quantity.

We designate our manpower to ensure all flashing demands of our customers from each and every parts of India by our enormous quality and sustainability .

Technical Management

Technical Management comprises of team of Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Supervising Officers. #Shine India Goods And Infra has set up its own #Technical Management team at each of its #Shine India Central Store and #Shine India Store to meet uninterrupted supply chain and ensure FMCG products security at all levels. The team is working in line with QMS (Quality Management System) policies.

Expertise includes Warehouse Design, Construction & Maintenance, Fire Fighting System, HVAC, Storm Water Drainage, Electrical Conduiting, Earthing, Lighting, Power and Ventilation System.

Further our technical management team has come up with unique design exterior and interior of #Shine India Departmental Store to meet customers demand and supply and also help them experience #Wonderful Shopping.

Director Message

Mr. SUSHANT DHAL. (Director)

We are here for a purpose, we are here to accomplish a task that has been prearranged and we are here to leave a lasting impression on the world by doing things the right way. That’s why we all are here at SHINE INDIA GOODS AND INFRA. We account our success to the commitment and integrity demonstrated by our people. But success comes when we imbibe our Values and follow the guiding principles. Our attribute of ‘LET’S EXCEL’ is possible when we work without any trust deficit. We all are a family, the SHINE INDIA GOODS AND INFRA  Family, and in this family everyone is treated with respect irrespective of role or position. We believe in respecting integrity, hard work and commitment. Fair play is the next guiding principle that’s followed throughout. SHINE INDIA GOODS AND INFRA works for the collective interest of the society and the country. We believe in creating and sharing wealth with society at large and this is possible if we practice fair play. Always remember that the consequences of our activities will reflect on the society and the country and therefore we should refrain from doing anything that our conscience doesn’t allow. Finally, we must remember that we are an enterprise and competition is inevitable but at no stage should we compromise on our principles to gain a competitive edge. So what do we do? If you’re thinking what will give us the advantage, then the answer is Dharma (moral and ethical duty) and wisdom. Besides our human capital, perennial wisdom of doing the right thing, is our other most valuable resource. We like to learn and constantly challenge the existing paradigms and mindsets. Wisdom is the only way we can find new solutions to challenges that will propel us to greater heights, while remaining rooted in our values. Therefore, before we conclude let’s seek the blessings of the Almighty and our elders in our journey forward and always do things the right way, the SHINE INDIA GOODS AND INFRA way!